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Lily Rose Depp became the spokesperson of Chanel new No.5 L'Eau

这是人家的16岁 德普女儿成史上最年轻的5号代言人

This Monday, Chanel has just announced that Lily-Rose Depp become the brand new fragrance family spokesperson, not only the brand himself but also Lily were very excited, fans also cheered. Tell the truth, we already can not think of a more perfect combination than this. Lily, who was destined to be the future ubiquitous actor and model, will light Chanel new No.5 L'Eau fragrance, this Chanel new No.5 L'Eau fragrance was produced by renowned perfumer Olivier Polge, the new product will be released in the fall of 2016, I believe Lily will add fresh vitality to it. Do not forget that this 16-year-old rising star has already been the spokesman of 2015 Chanel makeup pearl series.